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Alabama Sublease Agreement

Updated on August 4, 2023

The Alabama sublease agreement is a legal contract that allows a tenant (sublessor) to rent out their leased property to another individual (sublessee). This agreement is particularly useful for tenants who need to move out before their lease ends, allowing them to avoid breaking their lease by having a sublessee take over the rent payments.

This agreement is comprehensive and covers a wide array of topics to ensure all potential issues and scenarios are addressed. It identifies the parties, describes the property, outlines the lease term, rent details, utilities, and policies for guests, smoking, and lead-based paint. It also includes provisions for termination of the master lease, subleasing and assignment, disputes, liability, and governing law.

Overview of this Lease

  • Parties and Property (Page 1): Identifies the sublessor and sublessee and describes the property being subleased.
  • Lease Term (Page 1): Specifies the start and end dates of the sublease.
  • Rent (Page 1): Details the rent amount, due date, and payment method.
  • Security Deposit (Page 1): Specifies the amount of the security deposit to be paid by the sublessee.
  • Move-in Checklist (Page 1): Outlines the requirement for a move-in checklist that provides a detailed account of the condition of the premises.
  • Parking (Page 1): Specifies whether the sublessee is entitled to use a parking space.
  • Utilities (Page 2): Lists the utilities for which the sublessee is responsible.
  • Smoking (Page 2): Outlines the policy for smoking on the premises.
  • Landlord’s Consent (Page 2): Specifies whether subletting is permitted under the master lease and whether consent was received from the landlord.
  • Lead-Based Paint (Page 2): Specifies whether the premises was built prior to 1978 and whether a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure will be attached to the agreement.
  • Guests (Page 2): Specifies the policy for guests of the sublessee.
  • Master Lease (Page 2): Specifies that the agreement is subject to the master lease between the sublessor and landlord.
  • Termination of Master Lease (Page 3): Specifies that if the master lease is terminated, this agreement will terminate as well.
  • Subleasing and Assignment (Page 3): Specifies that the sublessee may not lease, sublease, or assign the premises without the prior written consent of the sublessor.
  • Disputes (Page 3): Specifies that if a dispute arises, the parties agree to negotiate amongst themselves before any litigation.
  • Liability (Page 3): Specifies the sublessee’s liability for any damage to the premises.
  • Governing Law (Page 3): States that the agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Alabama.
  • Signatures (Page 4): Provides space for the signatures of the sublessor, sublessee, and landlord (if necessary), indicating their acceptance of the agreement’s terms.